I love foodblogs. It’s inspiring to browse through tons of recipes. And it’s striking how creative people are defining new food trends or using original ideas in their recipes. I also love watching pictures of delicious dishes. And I’m certainly not the only one who loves foodblogs.

Every day new foodbloggers join the community and inspire other people. These foodblogs often focus on a few aspects. Healthy food is a quite popular topic these days. Same goes for easy and delicious recipes for those days we don’t have that much time but we still want to enjoy a good meal at home. And you see more and more vegetarian and vegan blogs. What I am missing often is where sustainability comes into the picture. True, avocados and bananas are healthy, but do we really need to rely on vegetables that are transported from the other side of the world? What about supporting our local farmers, suffering under the power of food industries? Why not eating local fruit and vegetables along with the seasons?

This blog is built around easy and delicious recipes, where we work with local fruit and vegetables, and where we eat along with the seasons. Fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy products are coming from Belgium or the surrounding countries (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands), other ingredients that can be kept for longer (spices, nuts, dried fruit, …) are coming as much as possible from within Europe. Very few ingredients (cacao powder or vanilla extract) are not from Europe. I try to limit these as much as possible. The recipes are in English, but I’ve added a Dutch translation of the ingredients (for the translations of less common vegetables, which is not always obvious). The focus is on vegetables/fruit and healthy ingredients. We try to step away from pre-processed food or ingredients, which is often containing a lot of unnecessary additives or sugar, resulting in a continuous human need for sugar in our current society. Also, as much as possible of the ingredients are bought without packaging, to avoid plastic and waste. Our vegetables, fruit, dairy products and other ingredients come from biological markets or shops, and when a bag is needed, we use re-usable paper bags. This blog is vegetarian and partly vegan.

Why vegetable bowls? One-pan-dishes are easy to prepare (and easy to clean up afterwards). First you cut your vegetables, then you add those in your pan in a specific order, and your meal is ready. You can cook many portions, and keep these in the freezer. Also, it’s easy to consume these meals outside your house (at work for example), as it’s just one box to carry along.

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